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Looking To Get Dental Implants? Read Up On This!

For the uninitiated, a dental implant is a metal post or frame that is positioned inside one’s jawbone through a rather complex surgery. These implants are placed right under one’s gums, and are usually made of sturdy and stable materials such as titanium and the like. Once these implants are in place, dentists mount replacement… Read More »

Upgrade Your Dental Health With Smilex!

Upgrade Your Dental Health With Smilex!

Ever feel anxious about your teeth deteriorating? Be it the mild toothaches that occur while one is eating ice cream to gums that begin to bleed while chewing food; tooth problems often come in a variety of unexpected ways. Most or all of these problems indicate a deep need for dental cleansing and care. Come… Read More »

High Quality Dental Implants: Remedy for Tooth Loss

Root Canal Treatment in Pune

More than often people neglect & underestimate the importance of dental health. Unlike other body parts, teeth are not easily exposed to external factors such as dust or pollution. So its often ignored that they also need some taking care of. Apart from brushing your teeth twice a day and keeping a moderate distance from… Read More »

SMILEX – The Best Dental Clinic in Pune

Dental issues as simple as it may sound are not actually that simple. Although ignored by a massive number of population, dental issues are something that should not be neglected. Today every second person suffers from some or the other kind of dental issues. The major concern is that majority of the people who suffer… Read More »

SMILEX – Delivering Healthy Smiles in Pune

People all around the world undertake loads of measures to look good. Fairness creams, acne treatments, surgeries, and what not. What they usually tend to forget is smile is the best ornament that adorns a face. And for a confident looking smile it becomes necessary that you have beautiful teeth. Beautiful teeth and confident smile,… Read More »

Better health with Dental Implants

Everyone desires to become rich and makes professional life, to get the maximum money in 30 to 40 ties of life, only to realize that Health has gone……so are the teeth. Some teeth in mouth missing who cares only to realize now they are unable to chew. Unable to chew:-       A few… Read More »

Braces Makes You Beautiful

Orthodontics is one of the oldest Specialty branch in dentistry. 5th October every year is celebrated as “Orthodontic Day”. Orthodontist is a specialist who has MDS degree in orthodontics and is qualified to treat irregular, crooked or malaligned teeth. If you have irregular or protruding teeth, it not only affects your looks, self esteem but… Read More »

Dental Implants

Dental implants are done by leading Implantologist of India, Dr.Vijay Deshmukh. He is doing Dental Implants since 1993. He is an expert & pioneer in many dental implant techniques.He has done thousands of dental implants. He delivers Guest Lectures on dental implants in National & International conferences.